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This is the one that started the journey for alternative answers. I just wish I would have had the knowlege that I do now when he was alive.


A little about me. I have been in the Equine Laser therapy business since 1996 In Jan 2015 I retired from a 16​ yr career of a 911 dispatcher. At that time I added several other aspects to my business. I added an EquiVibe vertical vibration plate, A Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMT) Blanket, IceVibe boots and recently introduced Thermal Imaging, In April of 2016, I went thru training to become a distributor for Equine Natural Care Herbs. I was taught Equine Energetic Evaluations® to find the weakness in your horse and use an Equine Natural Care® herbal blend to support the weakness and get to the root of your horse's issues. I am now a distributor of EquiVibe plates, Draw It Out Liniment and Equine Omega Gold. Watch for new items being added.

During the time of my 911 career, I continued to further my knowledge of anything that would help me understand issues with our 4 legged friends. I am always looking for any type of knowledge to help me. Get in touch with me to see what is the best method of getting your horses on the right track. Thank You to all past and future customers.