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Equine Omega Gold is 100% pure cold-pressed Camelina oil. Our oil is never heat processed, unrefined, not solvent extracted, GMO-free, Glucosamine and Gluten-Free. Our oil provides a balanced profile of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9; particularly higher amounts of omega 3 than omega 6. Camelina provides an almost ideal ratio of 2:1:2 of omega 3:6:9. What makes camelina even more special is the high amounts of the anti-oxidants vitamin E including alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, and gamma-tocopherol.

Research has shown that Camelina oil has a shelf life of 18 months after opening.

Recommended directions for daily use:

1- 2 ounces daily per 500 pounds

Up to 4 ounces daily for performance horses

* We always recommend taking all over pictures of your horse before starting this product. After consistently providing this product for 2 weeks take all-around pictures again and compare the results. Pictures will catch things the human eye overlooks. Pictures will also help determine if you need to increase the amount you are providing daily. Take an additional set of pictures at 30 days and compare it to the first set of pictures.